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Hammock Safety Rules Lying down is easy to say. Even easier to execute. There are several reasons for hitting the ground: booze, drugs, shoelaces, and women. Mishandling the hammock is another one. The excessive consumption of spirits or other “substances” […]

Hammock Safety Rules (HSR)

She may seem angry, harsh with the climate, fair only by the law of survival, but she is one and indispensable – our green planet, the mother of mankind. We are an essential part of her ecosystem, though in fact […]


A Bushman’s life does not exempt you from the manners of a gentleman. You know it, so does your hammock. It may happen that one day your faithful companion of numerous travels will start begging for refreshment. Ashamed of his […]

The secret art of washing hammocks

Tarpology Tarpology is a set of skills and experience necessary to set up a shelter adjusted to our needs and conditions. HISTORY Lower Paleolithic Period In the Lower Paleolithic Period men learned to make their own comfortable shelters using tree […]