Air-mat SPARTAN - Ultra-light air mattress
Super compact - after packing it is 1l bottle size.
Very comfortable - 3 times thicker than the average foam mat!

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The lightest air mattress in the BUSHMEN Travel Gear offers.


Size – 185x57x3cm, weight just 330g.

We have reduced the weight by narrowing it at the feet to the width of 40 cm and curving the corners.

We have used 20D nylon, the same as in the air-mat CAMP.

It is the lightest fabric currently used for the production of camping mattresses.

The SPARTAN mattress is 3 times thicker than the common foam-mat and remains at the same weight level (approx. 300g).


It is also extremely important that when it is packed, it takes up 15 times less space than a foam pad!

Inside the mat, the fabric is covered with a TPU layer. From the outside, the dense material structure is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to this, the SPARTAN air-mattress is “quiet”. When changing the position, when lying down, the mattress does not rustle or creak as it happens in mattresses from other manufacturers.

The Air-mat SPARTAN mat provides the minimum comfort, needed to sleep well. 3 cm thick, mummy shape and 200 air chambers. Thanks to them, the surface of the mattress perfectly adapts to the user’s body shape, and at the same time provides the necessary circulation at the interface between the body and the mattress. When lying down, the connected chambers in the right places slightly bend, while maintaining the body comfortably.

The mattress is small enough to fit very well, even inside a sleeping bag.

The chamber structure of the mattress makes it work very well with quilts and sleeping bags, especially down filled. The expanding down additionally fills empty spaces, which allows you to take advantage of its insulating properties.

You can inflate it harder so that the deflection is minimal if, you like it so.
You can also inflate it less if you prefer soft mattresses.

That’s how we understand convenience. You decide what your needs are.
In addition to water, food and thermal comfort, the possibility of recovery is one of the key elements during the trip.

The SPARTAN air-mattress is a summer mattress that provides sufficient thermal insulation to a ground temperature of 15C. It has an R-value of 0.5.

Multifunctional air valve

Multifunctional air valve – consists of three connected elements:

– an internal air valve, which prevents the loss of once pumped air during the pumping station.

– an external exhaust valve – which allows you to immediately release the accumulated air.
This speeds up the packing of the mattress.

– A plug that additionally protects the check valve.

Thanks to this construction, pumping and, equally importantly, folding the mattress is very easy. Inflating the mattress is about 5 breaths, which usually takes about 15sec a minute.


Dimensions: 185x57x3cm

Volume packed: 1L

Weight: 330g

R-value: 0,5

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.







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