BUSHBED hammock / olive

BushBed hammock – it’s a big, comfortable and light hammock with a mosquito net. “One pull & click” – an easy-operated mosquito set up system, handy pocket just above the head (to keep a headlamp, phone or other valuable things) and low weight place it among the best travel hammocks.

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BUSHBED hammock / olive

BUSHBED hammock – it’s a big, comfortable, and light hammock with a unique mosquito net system that protects against insects and morning sunlight. BUSHBED works perfectly during traveling along with the bush or forest, at the seaside, or just in the garden.
When you comfortably lay in, just pull the cord and the mosquito net will slide out. Then just click the buckle to finally close the net and you are fully protected against the insects.

Mosquito net

Hamak BushBed moskitiera i suwak; BushBed hammock

BUSHBED hammock mosquito net & zip

The mosquito net has a mesh of 1 mm pore diameter, making it perfect protection against even the smallest insects such as flies, black fleas, or young ticks. Its density and the special thread used in the net makes it impossible to chop down twigs, grasses, and other trash. It can be spread over the full or only the part of the length of the hammock. The mesh is on 2/3 of the mosquito net, while the rest of the overhead is covered with a hammock material. The canopy protects against direct sunlight, moisture, dust, and gives a pleasant sense of intimacy.
At any time you can tilt the mosquito net creating a window between the net and hammock to look around, reach for something, or just talk to your friends. By blocking the second slide at the end of the hammock you can unzip the net directly above your head and, for example, admire the stars. The rest of the body is covered with a zippered hammock material to create a characteristic, safe cocoon. The slider connects the edges of the hammock by 2/3 of its length, from the feet to the head.

Here you can find simple tips for how to repel mosquitoes outdoors.


Hamak BushBed kieszeń wewnętrzna

BushBed Hammock – inside pocket

The BUSHBED is equipped with a handy pocket for all the essentials. The pocket is placed over the head in order to make the content (eg. phone, headlamp, glasses) easily accessible.

The BUSHBED is packed into a travel bag with a tiny hole on the bottom. The hammock rope can be run through this hole so it will never be lost. During the day, the mosquito net can be stored in this bag.
Both the hammock and canopy are made of the parachute fabric. Thanks to that they are airy, yet splash resistant. The load capacity of the BushBed is 200kg; its size is 2,8m x 1.4m, therefore even a very tall person can sleep comfortably in both the classical and Brazilian positions.
Two additional carabiners for assembly and 4m of ridgeline for hanging mosquito nets are also included.
The weight, together with the mosquito net, is just 0.65 kg. That makes it one of the lightest hammock with a net.


Hamak BushBed & Thermo-tarp; BushBed hammock

BUSHBED Hammock & Thermo-tarp

BUSHMEN THERMO – Tarp is a perfect hammock essential addition.
Our rescue tarp protects against extreme weather conditions. Well designed water-resistant, breathable fabric with thermal isolation layer and strengthens located in critical places makes the therTHERMO – Tarp much more useful than a classic tarp.
See our Tarpolgy.
THERMO – Tarp as a hammock essential can be used for example as:

  • Roof tent against rain or snow
  • Sunlight tarp – Thermo isolation layer reflected in the sunlight perfectly so below the tarp is much more cooler
  • Underquilt – THERMO – Tarp can be used to protect body temperature loss during sleeping in the hammock
  • In case when you can not set up the hammock you can use it as a kind of a tent.

    Hammock system BUSHMEN Travel Gear

    Excellent bivouac solution. It does not matter if the ground is wet or rocky – you need to find just two durable points to attach your hammock.
    You can youse, trees but as well you can use cars, a mast of the yacht, or a slot in the rock, and your new home is ready 🙂

    ULTRALIGHT Tarp 3×3

    ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 by BUSHMEN Travel Gear – a new reference point for the ULTRALIGHT category.
    Is one of the absolutely lightest on the market full-size (3mx3m) tarp. It weighs only 425g!

    JUNGLE Hammock Mosquito net

    Mosquito-Net for hammocksFull protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and any other bugs that could break your lazy time in the hammock.
    Takes no more space than a common hammock – just 1L., furthermore it weighs just 300 g.
    Last but not least – quick set up just  30sek nad you’re free from bugs!

    Hammock suspension system Easy

    Easy to use a suspension system for the hammock.
    3m long stripes are equipped with fastening loops and ultralight carabiners.
    Safe for trees, safe for you.

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