Dry Bag 10L / 15″ window

10L Dry Bag with a see-through 15” window protects against water splashes, mud & dust.
The see-through panel allows the safe handling of your touchscreen digital devices.

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Dry Bag 10L / 15″ window

No matter how challenging conditions you travel to, your electronic gear and documents will be protected against humidity, dirt, and dust.

A wide 15” see-through window placed at the front side of the bag gives you the comfort of using touch screen electronic devices without the need of taking them out from the bag and jeopardizing them with exposure to harmful elements like liquids or sand.
You will appreciate this safety feature, especially when traveling with kids.

15” see-through panel

The dimension of the see-through panel is not accidental, as the 15” screen is one of the most commonly used and favorite sizes of digital devices like laptops and touch-pads.

Next to the feature of this operational comfort, such a window allows you to quickly find what you looking for in the bag.


Pay vigilant attention when opening your bag after it has been exposed to heavy moisture, and particularly when it has been submerged in the water – that’s the moment when your safely protected things can get wet!

10L Dry Bag with a see-through 15” window serves as well as an excellent map-case, keeping it dry and firm.
When you roll down the bag to its closed position, it creates an additional comfortable holder. If you don’t want others to see what you store in the bag, simply turn it around to its opaque side.


Thanks to its simple flat construction, when not used, our Dry Bag takes barely any space. It is made of TPU 40D, easy to clean and due to its sealed edges if you accidentally drop it in the water it will withstand short-lasting submerging if fully loaded. If you provide sufficient air content while rolling it close, it will float on the surface.

  • Waterproof rate IP66
  • Floats on the water
  • Protects against water splashes, mud & dust
  • Nylon 40D
  • Take almost no space when rolled.
  • The see-through panel allows the safe handling of your touchscreen digital devices poprzez okno


Size: 31 x 55cm


Capacity: 10L

IP rate 66

See-through panel: 22 x 32cm

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