REBEL Firesteel

REBEL firesteel

Created for those who value independence, freedom, and their own unfettered style.

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REBEL firesteel is the essence of bushcraft (survival, prepping) – no weirdness, unnecessary plastics – only what you need:
– solid core with a diameter of 8 mm and a length of 80 mm,
– convenient short magneto
– a piece of strong paracord
– Your rebellion

It is a rebellion against commerce, everyday life and clichés.
Break with the masquerade, another – the same – product created by “experts” who – know – better.

We provide the beginning – a spark and you decide and do what you want with it.

Maybe you can turn it into a keychain, neck charm, or maybe decorate it with an original bone handle or simply appreciate the raw, simple shape of the flint as it is. The hole in the core allows you to grab the flint by threading a twig or the attached rope through it. It also makes it easier to attach your own original grip.

We supply REBEL tinder with a weave that allows you to tap sparks without disentangling the paracord, and at the same time prevents the spark plug from ringing against the tinder (which irritated us in other flints available on the market)

Sparkler, has a serrated blade for knocking and preparing kindling. Its shape, similar to the head of the key, gives a secure, comfortable grip and at the same time allows it to be attached to e.g. keys.

You know best what you want to start a fire.

The line made of seven-core paracord is about 1 meter long, just enough to tie something in an emergency, or to replace a broken lace. The rope can also be used as a measure (maybe not very precise, but always :-)).

REBEL Tinder – created for those who appreciate independence, freedom and their own unfettered style.
It is a sign of your Rebellion – let it burn.

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