ULTRALIGHT – Carabiner

ULTRALIGHT Hammock Carabiner -12kN/ 21g
It is one of the lightest, yet most durable carabiners in the world!


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 ULTRALIGHT – Hammock Carabiner -12kN/ 21g

is one of the lightest, yet most durable carabiners in the world!

Weight – 21g

It is one of the lightest, yet most durable carabiners in the world!

Durability 12kN

Static loading is about 1200 kg

Why is it so durable?

Well, in fact, we don’t know what you will use it for :-). Anyway, we know for sure that our carabiner will really endure a lot.
OK, but why? – The clue is in the delicate T-shape cross-section of the carabiner and the highest class aluminum. Of course, last but not least, extremely precise monitoring of the production process.
Most of the hammock carabiners that we know about can endure up to 5kN (about 500 kg). Our carabiner can endure this level our carabiners can last even athwart.

Dimensions 8cm x 4,7cm

The compact dimensions and a silky surface of the ULTRALIGHT Hammock Carabiner make it very handy to use, even if you wear gloves.
The classic D shape of the carabiner is used in climbing carabiners. It is well proven that it is the most convenient shape. For this reason, we also use it in our carabiners.
Even when it is dark or in the other unfavorable conditions, the carabiner fits perfectly in the hand so it can be easily used.

20 mm slot

According to our experience, 20mm is absolutely enough to hang the hammock anywhere you want to hang it.
Precisely rounded edges of the ULTRALIGHT Hammock Carabiner are very handy and nice, but first of all, they do not jag the hammock, the cords, and the tapes to which it is plugged in.

Compact size and low weight make it to be the right choice for ultralight travelers. In fact, it’s a must-have 🙂

You can choose a carabiner in black, orange, or grey in color.

Hammock system BUSHMEN Travel Gear

4x4 & hammock camo

4×4 & hammock camo

Excellent bivouac solution. It does not matter if the ground is wet or rocky. You just need to find just two durable points to attach your hammock.
You can use, trees but as well you can use cars, the mast of the yacht, or a slot in the rock, and your new home is ready 🙂


Light and compact hammock with unique mosquito net. One of the lightest all In one system!
above all 2 Ultralight carabiners and the ridgeline.
Seems like the best choice for your travel gear
Dimensions 3m x 1,5m, weight – only 650g., loading up to 200kg

JUNGLE Hammock Mosquito net

Full protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and any other bugs that could brake your lazy time in the hammock.
Takes no more space than a common hammock – just 1 L., furthermore it weights just 300 g.
Last but not least – quick set up just  30sek and you’re free from bugs!

ULTRALIGHT Hammock / green

Heroes need to take a nap, too
If you are fed up with every unnecessary gram you need to carry with you, ULTRALIGHT hammock / green is a real treat for you.
3m long 1,45 width, weight 150g only, additionally 2 whoopie slings, ridgeline, and a pocket for valuables…

Simple & ready to go!

Additional information

Weight 0.021 kg
Dimensions 8 × 4.7 × 1 cm

Ash, Orange, 黒


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