JUNGLE Hammock mosquito net

Hammock Mosquito Net – Full protection against mosquitos.

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JUNGLE Hammock mosquito net. Full protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and any other bugs that could break your lazy time in the hammock. Due to the black color of the net, it matches all colors of the hammocks and you can stay inconspicuous.

Hammock Mosquito net black

Hammock Mosquito net black

1l./ ~300g

Takes no more space than a common hammock – just 1 L.
Furthermore, it weighs just 300 g.

Quick (30 s.) and user-friendly setup system

  1. Plug the hammock carabiners into the tree hugger and the one end of the mosquito-net tension loop. The tension loop end sticks up from the bottom slot of the bag.
  2. Plug the mosquito-net carabiner into the second end of the mosquito-net tension loop. The tension loop end that sticks up from the bag and the hammock loop.
  3. Stretch the mosquito-net sleeve along the hammock pulling the mosquito net end loop and plug it finally into the carabiner on the other side of the hammock.

You can adjust the mosquito net tension with the tension loop so that the ridgeline stripe will be slightly taut.
In most cases, simply plug the loops of the mosquito net into the hammock carabiners.

Hammock mosquito net blk details end

Simple? – simple :-). And folding? – do it in the reverse order.
Finally, packing back takes no longer than packing a hammock.

In & out

The hammock mosquito net has a double zipper in the shape of a characteristic smile. Thanks to that you can use it in any direction. Due to the fact that the mosquito net flap opens up, it avoids tangling and getting dirty on the ground. Besides, the mosquito net bag is an integral part of the net – so it will not get lost.

The ridgeline strap is equipped with two D-rings (one on each side) inside the net. Therefore you can easily hang some valuables that you want them to stay at hand (like glasses or headlamp).

Hammock Mosquito net black - with Pear lamp

JUNGLE Hammock Mosquito net – with lamp

Finally, the net can be used with a wide range of the length of the hammock – from 2.7 m to 3.2 m.

Full Protection

A unique user-friendly mosquito net construction and, above all, high-dense mesh (with 1 mm size mesh eyelets) protects the user from any direction.
Simply 100% protection against mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, and all other vermin that might want to break your lazy time in the hammock.

Hammock system BUSHMEN Travel Gear

4x4 & hammock camo

4×4 Thermo-tarp & hammock camo

Excellent bivouac solution. It does not matter if the ground is wet or rocky – you need to find just two durable points to attach your hammock.
You can youse, trees but as well you can use cars, the mast of the yacht, or a slot in the rock, and your new home is ready 🙂

ULTRALIGHT Hammock / green

Hammock Camo – Heroes need to take a nap, too
If you are fed up with every unnecessary gram you need to carry with you, ULTRALIGHT hammock ZEN is a real treat for you.
3m long 1,45 width, weight 150g only, additionally 2 whoopie slings, ridgeline and a pocket for valuables…
Simple & ready to go!


ULTRALIGHT Tarp 3×3 by BUSHMEN Travel Gear – a new reference point for the ULTRALIGHT category.
Is one of the absolutely lightest on the market full-size (3mx3m) tarp. It weighs only 425g!


Light and compact hammock with unique mosquito net.
above all 2 Ultralight carabiners and the ridgeline.
Seems like the best choice for your travel gear
Dimensions 3m x 1,5m, weight – only 650g., loading up to 200kg

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 12 cm

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