Hammock suspension system “Easy”

Easy to use suspension system for the hammock is safe for trees, safe for you.

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Hammock suspension system Easy

Hammock suspension system Easy

Hammock suspension system – Easy

The easy-to-use suspension system of the hammock (tree huggers) consists of two ULTRALIGHT carabiners and two stripes equipped with a number of fastening loops.
The stripes are 3 m long each. Each of them is equipped with 6 fastening loops. One end is equipped with 5 loops and a single loop on the other end. The loops are 10 cm long.
What is significant – such a construction of the straps allows at the same time to obtain a low weight of the fastening system and ensure a comfortable adjustment.

Zawieszenie do hamaka - karabinek

Hammock suspension system – Easy

Having wrapped the tapes around trees, simply attach the hammock using the clips in the selected loops of the tape so that it will be at the desired height and appropriate tension.
Strength 200 kg.
The suspension of the hammock is safe for trees and ensures stress-free rest outdoor.

Hammock system BUSHMEN Travel Gear

Exelent bivouac solution. It does not matter if the ground is wet or rocky. You just need to find just two durable points to attached you hammock.
You can use, trees but as well you can use cars , mast of the yacht or a slot in the rock and youre new home is ready 🙂


Light and compact hammock with unique mosquito net. One of the lightest all i one systems!
above all 2 Ultralight carabiners and the ridgline.
Seems lik the best choice for your travel gear
Dimmensions 3m x 1,5m, weight – only 650g., loading up to 200kg

Hammmock Mosquito net

Mosquito-Net for hammocks

Full protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies and any other bugs that could brake your lazy time in the hammock.
Takes no more space than a common hammock – just 1 L., furthermore it weights  just 300 g.
Last but not least – quick set up just  30sek nad you’re free form bugs!


Hammock Camo – Heroes need to take a nap, too
If you are fed up with every unnecessary gram you need to carry with you, ULTRALIGHT hammock ZEN is a real treat for you.
3m long 1,45 width, weight 150g only, additionally 2 whoopie slings, ridgeline and a pocket for valables..
Simply & ready to go!

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