Headlamp SMART – coming soon!

Headlamp SMART is a small, lightweight and powerful 130 lm flashlight supplied with 3 LEDs and powered by 2 AAA batteries.
Weights only 42g (without a battery). Implemented “Memory mode” feature.

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Headlamp SMART

Headlamp SMART is a small, lightweight and powerful 130 lm flashlight supplied with 3 LEDs and powered by 2 AAA batteries.

We have applied a new type of LED that reduced the weight and dimensions of the SMART by 20% and, at the same time improved its power for 20%.

Now Bushmen headlamp SMART weighs only 42g (without a battery) and has 130 lumens.

Two strong red LEDs provide 15 lumens of the light output, so a person walking along the road is even more apparent from a long distance.

The Headlamp SMART can be rotated for 30O degrees, so that the beam is focused exactly where you want it to be.

This model has two basic modes (6 levels in total) of light that you can use depending on your needs.
Now equipped with the useful function “memory mode”.


Spot white light

Headlamp SMART works in this mode in 3 power levels and provides, for such a small flashlight, quite an impressive range – up to 60m (according to the

standard FL1). The levels are set so that you can easily adjust the power of the flashlight to the real needs. Starts with the most often use levels.


  • 60 lumens – power level sufficient in most cases; handy when hiking in easy terrain; for precision work or while walking through the forest; reflected light does not interfere and does not offend.
  • 130 lumens – a powerful beam of light useful when traveling in unfamiliar, dangerous terrain, or in open spaces.
  • 40 lumens – light useful to light up surroundings



Two red LEDs with a power of 15 lumens makes you visible from a long distance and ensure that you are safe on the road. Red light is invisible to most animals, so that you can continue to observe the surroundings, even in low light conditions.


  • constant light – a convenient solution when you want to illuminate the map and at the same time not lose sight of the environment.
  • flashing light – very useful when moving in an urban area, or on the road where you want to draw attention of the drivers.
  • SOS – visible international signal “call for help”.


Switching between levels – just click the button and it takes you to the next level:

Spot – 50% – 100% – 30% – off

Red – 100% continuous – flashing – SOS – off

Switching between modes (focused – red) – just press the button for 2 seconds.

Memory mode

This is a very convenient feature. The flashlight turns on the mode in which the last time was used (white or red). So, for example, the red light does not light up if you usually use white.


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