HANDY+ Multi-tool

HANDY+ Multi-tool- Always at hand when you have to do the job when camping, travel, or yachting.


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HANDY+ Multi-tool

Always at hand when you have to settle technical issues and repair what has to be repaired (It’s a usual job when camping, travel, or yachting). The base of the multi-tool Handy + is “handy” piler, in the handle, there are a lot of tools hidden inside that can help to do the job.

The smart location of the tools makes they are always and easily available even when the piler is folded. The working part of the tool (eg blade of the knife) when open is in line with the lower part of the handle.

When the piler is open tools are hidden at the backside of the handle so the grip is strong and comfortable when in use.


Strong and durable piler equipped with the wire cutter. Slightly narrow at the end what helps precise working. The spring that automatically opens the piler, makes one-hand operation smooth and easy.

The piler is a good alternative of the pot grip when camping.


Two blades – Plain and seared one, additionally saw to cut wood and scratch eg. fishes.

Blades and all of the other tools (beside Philips and small flat screwdriver) have a special indentation for easy operation.


4 screwdrivers – three flat ones (big, medium & small) and the middle Philips screwdriver.

It’s characteristic for Multi-tool Handy+ – that two of the – big flat and the Philips are quite long what makes work much easier. Additionally, a long flat screwdriver is supplied with the ruler.


Two openers – can and bottle

HANDY+ supplied with a simple nylon sheath, so it could be fixed to the belt, so you’re Handy stay handy.


Size: 10 x 4,4 x 2,3cm

Masa 200g






3x scredrivers

Can opener

Bottle opener



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