Multi tool SKILL

The clever distribution guarantees easy access to all the tools and comfortable grip during usage. Thanks to the distribution of the tools on the outer side of the multi-tool, they are easy to access. The use of generally available bits allows the adjustment of the multi-tool to the individual needs of every user.

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Multi tool SKILL

All it needs are your skillful hands.
All tools are placed in the right places that  guarantees you easy access to the tools and a safe and comfortable grip during usage. Thanks to the distribution of the tools on the outer side of the multi-tool, they are easy to access, while the blades can be comfortably used on its whole length.


The quite narrow pliers are equipped with a cable cutter and prove themselves very well during different (also precise) kinds of work. The comfortable, ergonomic handle with rounded edges lie well in your hand during work. The other tools are hidden on the inner side of the handle.


The SKILL multi-tool is equipped with a handle, extension and 9 of the most popular bits (screwdriver ends) of the following measurements:
flat – 7, 5, 3 ; cross (philips) – PH3, PH2, PH1; Allen H5, H4, H3
The bits are located on a comfortable rubber „rail” thanks to which they are easy to take out of the holder and be kept in proper order.
Thanks to the functional location of tools, the SKILL multi-tool may be used as a screwdriver as well as a wrench (the bit holder can be set in a 90 ° angle to the handle). The use of a generally available type of bits allows the usage of other neccessary bits, that are not included in the set, as well as 3/8″ type wrenches.


Two comfortable, classic blades made of 420 steel (fold away knife of 70 x 10 mm) and (blade 40 x 5 mm), both opened in the classic way.
The knives as well as the other tools (except for the corkscrew and bit holder) have small pits to make pulling the blade (or any chosen tool) easier. The full opening ist confirmed by a characteristic click sound.


8 cm of toothed blade prove themselves perfectly whilst cutting ropes, wood and also… gutting fish.


One opener, but so clever, that you can open cans as well as bottles with it. The possibility to cut sheet metal allows the transformation of cans to many other, often very surprising, things.


Small scissors for cutting such materials as paper, knitwear, skin etc.
Their value becomes especially precius when you have to cut a… torn nail.


Classical tool for pulling out the cork, especially needed during romantic picnics.

Tape measure

Both sides of the handle are equipped with a handy measure. On one side it is calibrated in cm (22,5 cm), on the other in inches (8 inches).


Short 4 cm lifter, helps to lift the top of a can e.g. and can also serve as a flat screwdriver. This tool is also usefull in places that are hard to be reached by screwdrivers with long handles.

Cleat for rope

Comfortable steel cleat placed behind the corkscrew, allows to secure the multi-tool with the help of a rope e.g. against accidental loss.


The SKILL multi-tool comes with a holder with two pockets, that is part of the set and allows to wear it on your belt, so that your tool is always „in the reach of your hand”. The outer pocket, that is better available, is dedicated for the multi-tool, whilst the inner pocket was designed for the rail with bits.


Blade sizes: 70 x 10mm; 40 x 5mm

Blade material: 420 steel

Saw length: 8cm

Measure length: 22,5cm / 8in

Lifter length: 4cm

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.

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Weight 0.165 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 3 × 2.5 cm


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