RESCUE knife – folder – BUSHMEN –

Classic rescue knife BUSHMEN is enough light for everyday carry and heavy enough for efficient use.

Supplied with the must have of rescue knife - belt cutter and the window breaker, and other features: lanyard hole, bottle opener and the belt clip.

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RESCUE knife - folder - BUSHMEN -

Classic folding rescue knife BUSHMEN is enough light for everyday carry and heavy enough for efficient use.

Wide, easy for opening blade (drop point type) (stainless steel 420) secured with the blade lock (linear lock type) against accidental closure. The folding BUSHMEN rescue knife is one hand operated thanks to the thumb stud located at the blade, close to the handle. Just push the stud to open the blade. Full open is confirmed by “click” of the blade lock.

The blade lock (linear lock type)

It’s automatically indicated when the blade is fully opened. To close the blade the seared part of the lock (at the upper part of the handle) must be pushed aside, then the blade can be closed.

Belt cutter & window breaker

It’s a must have of the rescue knife. At the bottom of the handle there are two life-saving features.

Belt cutter – short, protected against accidental scratch blade, for quick and safe cut of the seat belts, dress and other close to body materials and wires.  Sharp edge of the razor is protected by the handle with the blade that is visible & usable at the point where only a seat belt (wire, rope, net etc) may fit between the handle of the cutter and blade.
To use the belt cuter, firmly grasp the webbing of the belt and pull it far from the body.

Glass braker – relatively sharp spearpoint located at the end of the handle. To use it just strongly smash the window with the spear point. Remember to protect your face against the glass.

Steel construction of the handle

Relatively heavy, screwed (by 10 screws) construction of the handle makes the rescue knife very durable and useful tool.

Additional features

Belt clip – Useful spring belt clip has 7 cm long – safe and comfortable way of keeping the folder in the right place.

Bottle opener – on the back of the blade there is an bottle opener.

Lanyard hole – loop hole at the end of the handle to tied the leash. It will protect the knife form loosing.


Blade size: 85 x 25 mm

Clip length: 70mm

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