RFID Neck Wallet

Discreetly worn on the neck, hidden below your shirt, your RFID Neck Wallet by BUSHMEN offers you easy access to your documents, money or phone, while securing them excellently against theft.

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RFID Neck Wallet

The safest way to protect yourself from theft is… secrecy. Comfortably worn on the neck below your shirt, or discreetly on your belt, the passport holder with RFID by BUSHMEN is the ideal example for the above mentioned rule. On the one hand it will guarantee you an easy access to your documents, money or phone, on the other hand they will be kept safe by the RFID system.


The RFID systems blocks the possibility to read/steal money off your credit cards. Your money is safe.


Thanks to 2 zipped pockets and 3 pockets with hook and loop fastener, your documents, money and other important things are all in their right place.


The passport holder with RFID has a soft padding on its back, which does not make your skin sweat, even if worn directly on it, and guarantees a comfortable feeling.


Additionally the back of the RFID neck wallet has a special loop, which offers another way to secure yourself from theft, by pulling an additional rope through the loop, that can be tied around your hips (a potential thief might cut the rope around your neck, where he can see it, but he STILL has no chance of robbing us).

Another way to wear your passport holder with RFID is putting it together in half (with the help of a special hoop and loop fastener on its back) und after pulling your belt through the loop, wearing it directly on your hips (e.g. between your trousers and your shirt as a so-called moneybelt – a pocket for valuable things and money that is invisible to others) or in the classic way, as a so-called bumbag.


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