SURVIVAL bracelet 3m

A survival bracelet with firestarter and whistle.
3m of strong parachute cord braided into a practical, discreet bracelet. Buckle equipped with: firestarter, spark striker, and rescue whistle.


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3m Survival bracelet with firestarter and whistle.

The survival bracelet is about 3m long.  Strong parachute cord (original, durable paracord – 7 cores) braided into a practical, discreet bracelet. It is a useful piece of survival EDC (every day carry) from one side and original men’s jewellery, at the same time.

In the buckle of the bracelet, there is discreetly hidden:

  • Firestarter – a reliable source of fire,
  • Spark striker
  • Rescue whistle (it may be yours “to be or not to be” in emergency situations).


  • fix or/and securing of your equipment
  • bowstring
  • emergency knife handle
  • camping alarm
  • a rope for the construction of a shelter
  • laces
  • harness
  • trap

and many, many other uses.

Firestarter and spark striker

Your last source of the fire. A small, discreetly mounted set for lighting a fire allows you to light a fire effectively in unfavourable conditions, all you need is a bit of dry kindling and … a little practice.

Can be used without untangling the bracelet.

Fire provides:

  • heat
  • protection
  • signalling
  • safe food

How to find dry kindling? Watch the short video below and learn about one of the practical ways to get dry lighter.


Signalling (e.g. calling for help or e.g. broadcasting information in Morse code).

SOS ” ∙ ∙ ∙  − − −  ∙ ∙ ∙

A loud, high-pitched whistle is also a completely effective way to scare away wild animals.

Survival bracelet – discreet and elegant, practical in emergency situations.
The perfect gear for travellers, survivors, or simply active people.


Length- 3m

No. of paracord cores- 7


Spark striker

Rescue whistle

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.

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Black, Coyote, Fire, Geckon, Green


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