THERMO – Blanket / olive

THERMO-Blanket – One of the most universal solutions providing protection against cold and wet. You can use it as a topblanket, underblanket or a comfortable poncho. It weighs only 750g.
The heat-reflecting layer improves thermal insulation by ~ 30%.

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THERMO – Blanket

One of the most universal solutions providing protection against cold and wet. The seemingly simple cut conceals a number of clever solutions that increase its thermal insulation properties and extend its functionality.

THERMO – Blanket consists of a waterproof and “breathable” polyester with a rip-stop weave covered with a silver heat-reflecting layer from the inside and sewn on the fleece. Thanks to the combination of insulation provided by the fleece and the heat-reflecting layer, the thermal insulation properties are about 30% greater than solutions without a layer that reflects heat radiation.

THERMO – Blanket has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 2m x 1.4m with 8 plastic loops on the corners and longer sides. In the middle of the longer side, there is a comfortable hood, while the shorter sides are equipped with welts. The set includes two tensioners, two mini carabiners, and a transportation bag. This allows you to use among others as:


Just put the hood on your head and you are ready and protected from both – rain and cold.
THERMO – Blanket will lay in on your shoulders naturally. For additional protection against the cold, you can fasten both sides using the mini carabiners, that are included. This is a great solution when you are sitting, for example, at the fire camp, stand in the chats, or in the morning you get up to … go to the site.


Comfortable, 3 season hammock under-blanket. Protects against cold, wind, and rain. Thanks to our tensioners it is very easy to use.

Simply attach the tensioners/hooks into the loops on the THERMO – blanket corners.

Hang it (fleece inside) from the bottom of the hammock and adjust the position with the cords and welts on the short sides.

Side pocket

An additional advantage is a hood. In this case, it works as a convenient pocket for things that we want to remain on hand.

Picnic blanket.

Put the waterproof side on the ground, you will have a comfortable and warm blanket where your children can play safely, and you or your dog can break free and take a nap (if the children allow)

Bivy-cover / emergency sleeping bag

An additional top layer for your sleeping bag – it will protect it from the rain and provide additional insulation. Take off one side creating a kind of foot cover in this way and cover yourself with the rest like a blanket. To protect the blanket from sliding down from the slippery sleeping bag – you can put the tensioners under the mattress and attach them to the loops on the edges of the blanket. Thanks to this, regardless of how you don’t fidget – the blanket will stay in place.
You can, of course, use it simply as a hammock top-quilt.
Due to the fact that it is quite wide, 2 people can cover it.


  • THERMO – Blanket / olive weight: ~750g
  • Dimensions: 2mx1.4m (after packing: 14cm x 40cm)


  • 2x tensioner elastic cords
  • Transport bag

Hammock system BUSHMEN Travel Gear

Excellent bivouac solution. It does not matter if the ground is wet or rocky – you need to find just two durable points to attach your hammock.
You can youse, trees but as well you can use cars, the mast of the yacht, or a slot in the rock and you’re new home is ready πŸ™‚

ULTRALIGHT – Hammock / dark olive

The ULTRALIGHT hammock is the lightest on the market full-size, 3m x 1.45m hammock.
Packed into a tiny (350ml.) bag with clever construction. For greater comfort, we added some sexy accessories – check itΒ πŸ™‚

JUNGLE Hammock Mosquito net

Full protection against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and any other bugs that could break your lazy time in the hammock.
Takes no more space than a common hammock – just 1 L., furthermore it weighs just 300 g.
Last but not least – quick set up – just 30sek and you’re free to from bugs!


ULTRALIGHT – Tarp 3×3 by BUSHMEN Travel Gear – a new reference point for the ULTRALIGHT category.
Is one of the absolutely lightest on the market full-size (3mx3m) tarp.
It weighs only 425g!

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Weight 08 kg
Dimensions 40 × 14 × 14 cm


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