THERMO – Tarp 3×3 / olive

This tarp is made of a light, water-resistant, and very durable fabric with a ripstop weave.
All of the enforcement points have a triple stitch to make it even stronger!
Additionally, it is packed in a useful transportation bag with handles.

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THERMO - Tarp 3x3 / olive

THERMO – Tarp 3×3 / olive is a new version of the BUSHMEN Travel Gears bestseller – the rescue THERMO – Tarp 2×3 with the thermal insulation layer. The tarp is made of a light, water-resistant, and, very importantly, breathing fabric with a ripstop weave. Furthermore, all reinforcements are triple stitched to make them even m stronger!

Additionally, it is packed in a very useful transportation bag with handles.

Thermal insulation

3x3 thermo tarp triple stitch

The tarp fabric is lined with a thermal insulating layer, providing and improving thermal comfort.
The upper side is dark olive, easy absorbing sun rays and providing good camouflage. The opposite, silver side reflects heat and light. It keeps the body warm during cold nights (when used e.g. as a bivy bag). It reflects the sun rays during the heat, so it is much cooler under the tarp roof.

Important! The thermal insulation layer protects against UV radiation!
Laboratory tests confirm that the UV protection factor of THERMO-Tarps is at the highest possible level of UPF 50+:

  • UVA rays responsible for skin aging – protection level 97,74%
  • UVB rays responsible for skin cancer – protection level 99,92%


Specially designed loops are much easier to use than the classic ones.

The characteristic clearance between the loop tapes not only makes it easier to work in difficult conditions but also allows the tape to better fit around the lashings.
The construction of the loop allows for better distribution of the forces on the tarp edges. For this reason, we could resign from sewn reinforcements on the sides without losing strength. The loops on the corners are the most exposed to overloading, therefore we left traditional reinforcements, thanks to which our tarps are even stronger.


Thanks to the triple stitch enforcement tapes and unique loops, the tarp can be set up in many different ways. It provides comfort and shelter in any situation. By using the surroundings (trees, rocks, and depressions) and trekking poles, oars, or simply sturdy sticks, you can create an excellent tent, well-adjusted to a given place and current weather conditions.

In many situations, the Thermo-tarp even more superior to the traditional tent. With its low weight, the shelter provides you with much bigger space than a tent of the same weight. It can provide a comfortable sleeping space even for three-four persons.

Bad weather

Under extremely bad weather conditions you can make a “storm tent” in a short while. The shelter provided is fully insulating, both from the ground and all sides. The thermal conductivity of the tarp is approximately 40 times lower than that of the sand and almost 20 times lower than that of the grass. Therefore, the BUSHMEN tarp provides full protection from hypothermia, rainfall, and wind. BUSHMEN tarp brings enough space to lie down or sit while waiting for the weather to change.

Good weather

During warmer days, setting up the shelter with the insulating side facing the sun provides a pleasant shadow, protecting from overheating.
In everyday use, e.g. while vacationing with the family, the tarp can be used to create a breezy roof in front of the tent or as a bathroom curtain. Laid down over the tent with the thermal side up, the BUSHMEN THERMO – Tarp protects from overheating inside the tent. It allows you to sleep longer on hot mornings.

Lots of applications

BUSHMEN THERMO–Tarp can also be used as a large, comfortable hammock of the “banana type”. Just fold in half and tie the ends (not loops) with a rope and you’ll get a 1,5 m broad and 3 m. long hammock.

You will find on Tarpology more ways how to use BUSHMEN THERMO –Tarp.

The unique construction of the BUSHMEN THERMO -Tarp makes it not only a practical and light camping shelter. Depending on the situation, it can also turn into a practical blanket, a mattress to sleep on or a full bed, or even a stretcher. It can also be utilized as a thermal reflector. It’s a good solution while drying out clothes for example. Of course, it can be used as a signal blanket in an emergency situation.

The whole tarp can be put in a transportation bag with handles along with the bag and at the bottom. With careful folding, the tarp takes very little space – the dimensions are barely 25xØ16 cm. Thus it can be put in the flap of even a small backpack.


Dimensions 3×3 m

19 loops (16 around + 3 through the middle)

Weight ~760g

Water-resistant, fabric with an insulation layer

Ripstop wave fabric

triple stitching enforcements

Static loading 70 kg

UV protection level – UPF 50+

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 26 × 13 × 13 cm

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the physical parameters of the products (such as weight or dimensions) may differ from the specification within ~ 3%.


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