ULTRALIGHT – Carabiner / chameleon

It is one of the lightest (21g), yet most durable carabiners (12kN) in the world!
Covered with an organic and absolutely unique pattern inspired by the incredible variability of the chameleon skin.

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ULTRALIGHT - Carabiner / chameleon

As a result of long and inspiring forest treks, BUSHMEN Travel Gear presents you proudly the new LIMITED EDITIONS of an Ultralight Carabiner, the first one on the market with such a unique Chameleon print – not a classic woodland, nor an old school camo, but the organic and unique pattern inspired by the incredible variability of the chameleon’s skin.

Each individual carabiner carries its own unique motif, and just like the Chameleon, it adapts to the environment during a bushcraft adventure, while delivering the highest quality of technical performance.

It is ultra-light - only 21g

While being one of the most durable carabiners in the world, it passes static load tests up to over 1200 kg!

The secret of this extraordinary durability of our carabiners lies in the high-quality 7075 aluminum, a unique T-beam construction along almost the entire length of the carabiner’s spine for an optimal weight/strength ratio, as well as uncompromisingly supervised manufacturing and quality control processes.

How come are our carabiners so durable?

Well, we do not know in fact what you may use it for, but we do know that our carabiners shall endure really a lot!

Majority of hammock suspension carabiners on the market guarantee MAJOR AXIS strength of 5 kN (about 500kg) . Our ULTRALIGHT CARABINERS perform such strong results along its MINOR AXIS!

ULTRALIGHT Carabiner CHAMELEON – dimentions 8cm x 4,7cm

Dimensions and micro-porous, skin mimicking surface finishing assure the firm grip, even while wearing gloves. Classic, climbers-proved D-shaped form, which has established the reputation of the most efficient and secure performance, is what we apply in our product.

Even in the dark or other challenging conditions it is shape and size provide for easy and safe use.

ULTRALIGHT Carabiner CHAMELEON – 20 mm gate opening

Our Chameleon Ultralight Carabiner allows sufficient 20mm gate opening, ensuring the effortless installation of all sorts of hammock suspension systems.

Softly rounded edges of our Chameleon Ultralight Carabiner guarantee not only pleasant yet firm hold, but first of all safety and security of cords and suspension straps used with it.

Optimal size weight and grip make our  Chameleon Ultralight Carabiner a must-have piece of equipment, even for the most demanding ultralight travelers.

10 Years Warranty

Yes, we are simply certain of the Chameleon Ultralight Carabiner‘s long-lasting durability.

ULTRALIGHT Carabiner CHAMELEON is NOT for climbing.


Material: 7075 aluminum

Size: 8cm x 4,7cm

Weight: 21 g

Span: 20 mm

Static load durability: 1200 kg

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.

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Weight0.021 kg
Dimensions8 × 4.7 × 1 cm


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