Six strong, ultra-light aluminum pegs for hard and rocky soil. Packed in a smart HANDY Pocket /s that you can hang on the edge of the hammock, on the ridgeline, or put in any other place you need.

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Ultra light & ultra strong

Strong, ultra-light NAIL pegs are designed for stony, rocky and clay soil. The tip is similar to a flat screwdriver. Thanks to that you can stick our NAILS into a rock crevice or hard ground. The other side of the peg with a hook (diameter of 4 mm). You can easily make a solid knot and strongly hold the guy lines and loops of tents, tarps etc.

Orange - easy to find.

The characteristic matte orange finish allows you to easily find the peg when you are leaving a camp, and at the same time, it is so natural color that it does not stand out unnecessarily.

Shortly speaking – hard to lose, easy to find.

HANDY Pocket /s completes the set.

NAIL pegs are packed in a smart HANDY pocket /s with two clever, hidden hooks. Thanks to this, it can be hung on the edge of the hammock or, for example, as an additional external pocket on the pants.
Just hang it where it is at your fingertips and at the same time it will not disturb you. During the day, for example, outside hammocks closer to the center, and at night, when you sleep in a hammock over your head.
When used as a transport bag for your NAIL pegs, hide the hooks inside and they will not bother you.

The bag is large enough to fit pegs and stakes up to 20 cm.


length - 16 cm

cross-section - 0,5 x 0,5cm square

Weight - 10g/pcs


ULTRALIGHT - NAIL pegs - 6 pcs

HANDY Pocket /s

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