Special peg designed for anchoring in loose ground such as sand or snow. Large surface area and deep penetration gives a perfect grip.

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Solid grip in a sand and snow

SAND & SNOW peg is a solution when the ground is too loose.
Without them, camping on the beach or in the snow is quite a challenge. With them it is a pure pleasure.

The large surface and deep penetration of the ground guarantee a good anchoring of your tarp and tent.

U-shaped profile ensures high bending strength while maintaining a low weight (36g).

Deadman - alternative way of anchoring

In extremely loose terrain, you can attach the guy line by one of the 4 holes and bury the peg horizontally so that it is all under snow / sand.

This method of anchoring is called “DEADMAN” and is a great solution that you can use when using SAND & SNOW Pegs.


length - 23cm

width - 3,5cm

cross-section - U

Weight - 36g

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