VAGABOND Hammock set / dark olive

Hammock VAGABOND - The lightest hammock with mosquito net + additional gear!
500g & you are ready!

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Hammock VAGABOND is a complete integrated set hammock + mosquito-net + suspension system. 500g – it’s a weight of all set!

Just 500g and you are ready for a vagabond.

Sleep well without ticks in your hair, without a cuticle sticking to your ear.
Most importantly, without buzzing, itchy, biting insects.

And if the weather is good – you just put the mosquito net into the bag at the end of the hammock.

You can also remove the entire mosquito net and use the hammock separately, or the mosquito net (how? – the answer you will find at the end of the text 🙂 )!

The hammock and mosquito net fit in an integrated bag.

Size just 24 x Ø8 cm

Ultralight and ultra simple.


With the size of 3mx1,45 weighs just 150g.

Hammock VAGABOND is made of micro-ripstop nylon 15D.
Loops made of ultra-strong 3mm cord UHMWPE.
The hammock is available separately as – ULTRALIGHT hammock dark olive.

Mosquito net

The mesh diameter of the mosquito net ensures full protection against mosquitoes, ticks, clippers, even against black-flies.

The mesh diameter is 7mm. It is 196 eyelets by 1cm2!

Each hole (hammock slots and entrance) is secured with a cuff so you can no worry about any abomination coming in uninvited.

The mosquito net tightly covers the sides of the hammock, creating effective protection against mosquito nets.

The top of the mosquito net is hanged on an attached ridgeline stretched between the carabiners of the hammock.

The nylon hem of the cuff prevents clinging to rubbish and significantly increases the durability of the mosquito net.

Both entering and exiting the hammock is very simple. Release the cuff and lift the mosquito net up.

The shape of the net has been designed to save every unnecessary gram of equipment.


The ridgeline has a unique adjustment system available after entering the hammock.
It allows to tension perfectly so the mosquito net is as high as possible.


Suspension system - tree huggers

The suspension system consists of two straps with sewn-in loops for adjusting the hammock tension (tree huggers) and two ultralight carabiners. The system is light, intuitive, and protects trees. Two-meter stripes allow you to select trees within 5m of each other (assuming a tree diameter of about 30 cm). The final adjustment of the hammock tension is done simply by plugging the hammock carabiners into one of the five loops on each of the straps.

Simple set-up:

  1. Wrap the trees with straps so that the ends are ready to attach the hammock using carabiners.
  2. Hang the hammock and the ridgeline by attaching it to the carabiners and tape loops.
  3. Pull the mosquito net out of the same bag as the hammock and pull it over the hammock and ridgeline.
  4. Attach the end of the mosquito net to the carabiner and pull the cuffs.

Ready – enter/leave the hammock, loosening the cuff and lifting the mosquito net.

Lying in a hammock:

Tension the ridgeline to raise the mosquito net at the optimal height.

Pull the cuff located at the bottom of the mosquito net.

You can also use the mosquito net itself as a protection against all bugs on the ground.

Mosquito net for tarp tent:

  1. Unfold the mattress, quilt/sleeping bag, tarp, etc.
  2. Pass the ridgeline through the bag slot and a cuff at the other end of the mosquito net.
  3. Tension the ridgeline and mosquito net between the tree huggers, about 60 cm high (+/- at the knees level) (under a tarp if we use it)
  4. Tight the mosquito net cuff tightly around the mat so the apron is at the bottom of the mat.

Ready – we enter/leave the mosquito net, loosening the welt and raising the mosquito net.

The Vagabond mosquito net is also available separately – suitable for hammocks up to 3.2 m long.


Definitely before you start your adventure with our hammock, click the link and read the basic safety rules.


Overall weight: 500g

Hammock size: 3m x 1,45m

Hammock material: nylon 15D micro-ripstop

Loop material: ropes of Dyneema type

Mesh eyelet diameter: 7mm

Bag size: 24 x Ø8 cm


Hammock - 150g

Mosquito net - 220g

2 x carabiners - 40g

2 x tree huggers - 80g

ridgeline - 10g

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.

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