Waterproof first-aid kit with whistle.

Waterproof first-aid kit in a strong, waterproof bag protects the contents from sand, dust and mud (swims on top of the water surface). The characteristic window in the bag allows to use of electronic devices with touchscreens.

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Waterproof first-aid kit by BUSHMEN.

Waterproof first-aid kit in a strong, waterproof bag. Thanks to the tight construction, the first-aid kit protects its contents also from sand, dust and mud (swims on top of the water surface).

The  waterproof first-aid kit is made of a strong, three-layered technical fabric called Tarpaulin with a basis weight of 600g/ m2. This fabric is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) coated with polyethylene (LDPE) on both sides. The window is made of high quality TPU of the LENZFLEX type, resistant against low temperatures and scratching. The seams are welded, which guarantees the durability and tightness of the bag.

The waterproof first-aid kit ist closed through rolling and closing the buckle, it also meets the IPX6 standard for waterproofness.


The especially designed window on the bag’s side helps you find necessary things without having to take out the whole content.
What is extremely important, is that the material of which the window was made, allows the use of electronic devices (phones) with touchscreens.
Thanks to this, the first-aid kit may succesfully serve as a waterproof phone case.


An additional, wide (4cm) strong loop on the back of the bag makes it easier, to hang the first-aid kit up in the right place (e.g. bicycle frame, post, kayak spreader bar etc.). Keeping your first-aid kit in a constant, defined place is especially important during emergency situations, to avoid the necessity of having to look for it first.

Emergency whistle

The closing buckle of the bag is equipped with a handy emergency whistle.


Under survival conditions the first-aid kit may also serve for carrying and cleaning water. For this purpose you will find informative marks on the level of 0,5 an 1 litre on the outside edge of the window. This helps with measuring the right amount of water for the used purification substance.

Luminescent paint

Luminescent paint was used for applying the writing – the letters glow with a slight green shimmer in the dark, which will help you find the first-aid kit also in the dark. Of course the letters will only glow after being exposed to light first.


The equipment of Waterproof first-aid kit has been reduced to products with long durability, that are needed in evere first-aid kit. The rest of the space is meant for individual medication and bandages,  depending on individual needs (e.g. special medication or substances with short shelf life) as well as the intended use of the first-aid kit (tropics, sailing etc.)


Outside measurements 6,5 x 9,5 x 30cm


Plaster 100 x 60 mm 1 pc.

Small plaster 19 x 72 mm 1 pc.

Plaster 5m x 25mm 1 pc.

Elastic bandage 6 2 pcs.

Elastic bandage 8 1 pc.

Triangular bandage 1 pc.

Latex gloves 2 pc.

NRC foil (emergency blanket) 1 pc.

Safety pin 1 pc.

First-aid instruction 1 pc.

List of emergency phone numbers 1 pc.

We do our best to maintain the highest production standards and quality, but the parameters of the products may differ within +/- 3%.


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